Another Chinese Tale

It is now proven what this blog said days ago that gunmen who murdered dozens of people in a South China railroad station were members of separatist groups in the western Chinese area of Xinpiang province. The six men and two women were out to prove that China’s policy of restricting the religious rights of Muslims in western areas of China was the wrong policy at the wrong time if the nation was to finally create a multicultural world in which those of differing religious beliefs could live in peace and harmony. The Uighur minority of Xinpiang province want the right to practice their Muslim faith and they want the right to practice their cultural ideas. Communist China still does not grasp that in the modern world, multicultural groups should be embraced, not persecuted.

The Communist regime of China has done wonders in creating a modern industrial world. It has now reached the point of entering the post industrial world. In this world, communication of ideas must be freed from government controls and respect must be given to all within society regardless of their points of view.