Another Civil War Goes On And On

It becomes increasingly difficult these days to pick up a newspaper or wander through the Internet without encountering images and stories about civil wars. I doubt if anyone at this moment could compile a list of existing civil wars. One is led to conclude that the process of establishing modern nations entails throwing together those who differ either in political views, religious beliefs, how one dresses or which sport team does one root for. The nation of South Sudan was recently created when the more Christian southern regions of the country of Sudan decided to end its relationship with the country of Sudan, which is mainly Muslim. So, they divided and are currently arguing as to which one controls oil fields. Naturally, if Christians could separate from Muslims it stands to reason that people of one tribe can separate from people of another tribe.

Vice President Riek Machar who is of the Nuer tribe decided that his folk did not wish to be part of the South Sudan government which is led by a Christian ethnic Dinka. Fighting has broken out. Uganda sent a few thousand troops to aid President Salva in his fight against the other tribe leader. The town of Bor, which was held by Machar forces is now a complete wreck of destroyed cars, bodies lying on the ground and stores empty. I assume they will talk, they will argue, and, just maybe, they will decide to hold off on further fighting.

It sort of reminds we Americans of fighting between Republicans and Democrats.