Another Day, Another Bombing

Another day in India and nothing to report except another gang rape of a girl and another place where someone decided to leave some bombs that would blast away. Naturally, the bombs were set by Islamist terror groups and there was absolutely no reason to kill anyone in India. Once increasingly gets the feeling that there are groups in Pakistan who simply can not get through the day without setting off a bomb. Some folk enjoy a hearty breakfast to begin the day, but Muslim Pakistanis prefer a solid bombing in the morning to make their day. Two captured suspects claimed the outlawed Indian Mujahideen got them to set off the bombs. My question is: What exactly will change by setting off these bombs? Will Islamist terrorists gain something that leads to attaining their goal or their goals?

I am lost. OK, we do know that bombs can be set off. We do know that people will die. We do know there will not be changes in Indian foreign policy toward Muslims. So, what is it that we do not know?