Another Day, Another Conspiracy

By the law of probability, it stands to reason there will come a time when the word, “conspiracy” will have run out of places or groups who will fit a definition. There must be some time or moment when we Earthians run out of conspirators to blame for this or that challenge to someone or something. The Egyptian government has charged former President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood of engaging in a conspiracy with the Palestinian Hamas and the Lebanese based Hezbollah to pass on secrets or make joint plans or to send ammunition or people or something to one of these two organizations in order to overthrow the government of Egypt. Wait a second. If Morsi was president of the nation then he couldn’t be conspiring to overthrow himself. So, logically speaking, he was engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow himself so he could blame innocent people for conspiring to seize power from himself, OR, he was conspiring with these groups to overthrow himself so he could form an alliance with his enemies by using his friends to ensure that he lost power.

I assume the above is clear. SOMEONE was engaged in a CONSPIRACY about something with SOMEONE.

You will be tested before the end of the week. A failing grade will result in your involvement in a conspiracy so that you will always be alert for conspiracies, day or night.