Another Day, Another Court Day

It is Wednesday and another group of gay couples are in a courtroom arguing something about gay marriages or the lack of them. In 2004, the state of Utah passed a state amendment banning same sex marriages. Three gay couples are in court asking federal judges to declare that amendment to be in violation of their Constitutional rights. Actually, the latest countis 46 similar court challenges taking place in 22 states throughout the nation. Utah will become a test case. It is home to the Mormon religion and Mormons have become identified as among the most vigorous opponents of gay marriage. Utah insists the ban promotes state interest in “responsible procreation” and the “optimal mode of child-rearing.”

Let me see. There is Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz or the Bachmann nut case, all exemplary examples of the product of man and woman marriages. If I was the state of Utah, it might rethink this notion that a man and a woman know how to raise children. They might grow up and go to Harvard and become another Ted Cruz. Enought said to prove my point.