Another Day, Another Death

There is something ironic about the world ceasing for a moment to remember a man of peace who, at one point, preached the doctrine of violence until his soul and mind grasped the power of peace and reconciliation. Even head nut case, Ted Cruz hailed Mandela even though this frightened man who has never experienced any physical challenge to his life and would shit in his pants if confronted by an armed person, believes guns are great. Yesterday, the name was Karl Pierson, the place was Centennial, Colorado and the school was Arapahoe High School. No doubt Ted, who spoke words of praise for a man who hated violence will demand an end to restrictions on having guns.

Fox News, with its assembly of pert cute blond numskulls will rant on and on about “my rights.”Violence will continue and there really are no new words to add. At this point, silence will do. Nothing else apparently can change the minds of these non-human life forms