Another Day, Another Ford Accident

It was just another day in the city of Vancouver, another day in which tourists filled the streets, but suddenly the entire city underwent a dramatic change when a rather portly man who was sort of stumbling across a street was accosted by a policeman who informed him that it was against the law to jaywalk. The member of the constabulary did not realize until he obtained the name of this pedestrian that it was the most famous man in Çanada–MAYOR ROB FORD of Toronto who was in town for a funeral.

According to Rob Ford: “I said I can’t believe this. They went out of their way to do this. I said that I support you guys. Did you arrest me because I am a Bronco fan?” Why police in Vancouver are out to get Bronco fans is beyond me other than British Columbia borders the state of Washington. Anyway, not a nice week for Rob, lost budget vote, and sister’s husband sued him.

Anyway, Rob insists he only had a Diet Coke in the pub!