Another Day, Another Korean Crisis

It is almost an entire twenty four hours without some new threat by the little pudgy boy who runs a nation and apparently believes that means he must run it into oblivion. South Korean and US military forces have upgraded the situation to  “vital threat” even as people in the streets of Pyongyang are dancing to celebrate the birthday of once Supreme Leader Kim Il Sung, who now sleeps peacefully someplace up in the sky. The great unknown is whether Kim Jong-un has any grasp of how close his words have moved North Korea close to being attacked, and destroyed due to a “misunderstanding.” US forces have moved from peacetime Watchcom 4 to Watchcom either 3 or 2.

Japan has ordered its anti-missile weapons to blast away if they sight a missile headed toward Japan. Kim Jong-un might not realize that if he orders a missile display to  frighten opponents it might result in a response that would result in a North Korean response to the response and so on and so on.

Perhaps, Apple can send Kim Jong-un a new iPad to play with.