Another Day, Another Shooting

The only certainty in the United States of America is that someone will be shot, not by a criminal, but the boy next door. Ronnie Candelaria spent a day watching movies about violence. He saw “Breaking Bad,” and “The Punisher”which, for some reason or another, led to the conclusion that he was a bad dude who was ordered by God or the NRA or someone, to blast away at somebody. He decided that a friend, Anthony Sikora had somehow become the Devil, himself. So, Ronnie jumped in his car and drove to the home of his friend.

Ronnie exited his car with a weapon in hand. He burst into the home of Anthony, encountered Mrs. Sikora and proceeded to put seven bullets into her body. He then trotted upstairs, found Anthony, and blasted away until his friend was dead. No noel knows exactly why Ronnie decided that his buddy was the Devil. The only thing we know for certain is that Ronnie had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic, but that did not impede his right to possess a weapon of destruction.

Just read the Constitution, giving nut cases access to guns was the original intention of our Founding Fathers.