Another Day, Another Suicide Raid In Kabul

The president of the United States insists more troops in Afghanistan will ensure the decline of terrorism in that country. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has not consulted leaders of the Taliban and secured their cooperation in Operation Let’s End Terrorism in Afghanistan. The capital city of Kabul is filled with hundreds of members of the security force, but on Monday an estimated seven or twenty Taliban penetrated defenses and blew themselves up and threw hand grenades in a shopping complex. Explosions began when a Talliban blew himself up near the presidential palace and shortly after, other gun men began firing at shoppers while snipers atop buildings blasted away at the Serena Hotel at which foreigners live.

Afghan officials claim the attacks were carried out by the Taliban, but “some of the bombers were not Afghans.” This suggests the Pakistan intelligent service, the ISI, may have organized the suicide attacks. But, then again, Pakistan is fighting Taliban militants inside their own country. What is most probably needed at the moment is the issuance of a scoring card that explains who is fighting who and who is on which side and who the hell actually cares about the people of Afghanistan.

President Obama, are you certain the surge is or will work?