Another Day, Another War

Oh well, another day on planet Earth, another day of violence and anger and death. Over fifty years ago when India was given its independence from England, the nation was divided into an India and the country of Pakistan. However, during the turbulent times of forming nations, a dispute arose between the two new entities over the province of Kashmir. Each claimed the area and, naturally, they went to war over the area. It is now almost seventy years later and the fight continues with India controlling a majority of the area. Muslim militants put on uniforms of the Indian army, crossed the border and began blasting away. They killed Indian soliders and then went on to another area in order to continue the fight.

Naurally, there was a scheduled meeting between Indian Prime Minister Singh with his Pakistan counterpart, Nawaz Sharif. No meeting will be held. But, one can be confident that fighting will continue along with death. Just another day on planet Earth