Another Day In Afghanistan, Another Civilian Death

Almost seven years have passed since American and local Afghan forces swept the country clean of its Taliban leaders. The vast majority of people welcomed a respite from the onerous and medieval thinking Taliban leadership which endeavored to control all aspects of daily life. Yesterday, as NATO forces battled miliants, British soldiers called in an air strike against the enemy’s position. As all too often, in such cases of air attacks, the insurgents got away but two women and two children lay dead from bombs of their liberators. The British Military of Defense said their troops called for air strikes when they were ambushed. Of course, regrets were expressed, perhaps some money will be paid out, and four more dead Afghan civilians are added to the total of those who have died.

The initial Bush failure to wipe out the Taliban because of his desire to invade Iraq continues to haunt those now fighting in Afghanistan. There simply are not enough troops to conduct a proper military operation and thus the extensive resort to bombing. Seven years far surpasses the time necessary to win WWII or WWI. Perhaps, it is time to exploe alternative political strategies for bringing peace to the people of Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous

    This may sound awful, but it upset me when everyone was so sad, and so upset about Heath Ledger dying. Yes, it is sad. However, dude had a great life, and did drugs. So many people die everyday, and no one seems to care about them. People dying over in the middle east? Not even work a mention…sad.