Another Day In America, Anothe Student Shooting

Itis another day in the United States of America, another day in which students who had gone to school are now in a hospital because someoe or some people decided to take a shot at them. Early reports are that three students were shot after classes had concluded at a high school in Pittsburgh as they headed toward their cars. It is not clear how serious are the wounds or are they life threatening. Victims are boys. They are wounded and in a hospital bed. We can expect during the next 24 hours:

1. Governer Perry of Texas will urge that armed students be assigned to supervise the school parking lot.

2. The NRA will blame Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act for the shooting.

3. People will gather to lay flowers.

4. Sarah Palin will offer to come to Pittsburgh with her rifle to protect children.

5. Fox News will have a special on why failure to arm all school children leads to violence and death.

6. Kids will attend meetings where mental health folk will discuss where to go when shots are heard.

Just another day in gun crazy America