Another Day In America, Another Shooting

Two Muslim boys go on a rampage of violence and hate which leaves people dead and others without limbs. Americans become aroused at these “Muslim murders” but each day there is another example of gun violence leaving dead and wounded. Naturally, the American response to gun violence is we need more guns in order to reduce gun violence! A heavily armed man went on a shooting spree in the city of Santa Monica, California and left dead people lying on the floor of a college library. The killer also died and his name has yet to be revealed other than he had a family connection to those murdered.

There will be somber, learned “experts” who will explain on Fox News that if only everyone in the library had a gun the gunmen would have died sooner. Of course, others might have been shot during the explosion of weapons, but the point is clear-if everyone has a gun, then everyone has an equal opportunity to use it. Yes, those damn “liberals” will insist that I do not have the right to defend myself. There is something sick in modern America.