Another Day In Iraq

It was just another day in the nation of Iraq. Sun was shining in the southern Iraq city of Hilla, people were going about their daily lives, working in a shop or going shopping. Cars moved slowly along the street until they came to a checkpoint. A minivan halted for a second, the a policeman asked the driver to go off to the side to be checked out. The driver nodded his head, turned the ignition key and suddenly, without warning there was an explosion which ripped through a dozen cars which, in turn, burst into flames. Cries of anguished people trapped inside burning cars could be heard. Children shouted in fear as their bodies were consumed by flames of angry fire. Cars attempted to back out of the blazing inferno, some made it, others did not. Within a few moments 32 people had burned to death and over 140 were wounded.

Police had to use crow bars to open the doors of cars that had become burned wrecks. They found charred bodies. Just another day in the Muslim nation of Iraq. Just another day of violence. Does anyone, anymore know who are the good or the bad guys?