Another Day In Iraq

Ten years in the history of humankind is a blink of the eye, but to those who recall the heroic words of President George Bush when he sent thousands into battle, it is almost a century in time. We remember vividly the president’s claim that with his famous “surge” that violence would end in Iraq. General Petraeus assured the nation the war was almost won and we had won. Fast forward to 2013 and scarcely a day goes by without another suicide bomb exploding in either a Sunni or a Shiite mosque because Prime Minister Maliki failed to create a coalition government.

Yesterday, Sunnis were praying in a mosque north of Baghdad when suddenly dozens were flying through the air. Twenty more are dead. Dozens more on wounded and the great Bush experiment has once again proven to have been the wrong experiment in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unfortunately, Muslims continue to die.