Another Day In Israel

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there were actually Jewish leaders in the state of Israel whose goal was to work with Muslims in order to create a peaceful and cooperative Middle East. That was before angry hating Jews seized land of Palestinians on the West Bank because God had given them orders to take what does not belong to them. Yesterday in the Esh Kodesh outpost area, Jewish settlers blasted away with guns and wounded two Palestinians because they were protesting dismantling of telephone  poles. Nothing much really occurred, just a bunch of West Bank settlers engaged in normal activities which bully Palestinians.

Oh, the justification is always they are protecting Jews against assaults by Muslims. Funny, in virtually all these cases, Jews fire weapons and Palestinians get wounded. Oh, I forgot, Israelis have permission to violate human rights because the Nazis murdered six million. If an Israeli seeks an explanation for violation of human rights, just blame 2013 on the Nazis!