Another Day In Pakistan, A Few More Deaths

One reaches a point in discussing issues within Pakistan or its neighbors when there arrives a moment of wonder as to how did this nation ever reach this state of insanity? The people of Pakistan contain within its midst wonderful, intelligent and caring humans, but somehow the process of creating a nation resulted in so many unresolved issues that just getting through a day in that country without some bomb killing people is a wonder to behold. A fruit and vegetable market in Islamabad was filled with people doing their shopping when suddenly the place was torn apart by bombs exploding and killing. Afzai Khan put it this way: People were dying. People were crying. People were running. People were torn apart.Body parts were everywhere.”

Yesterday, the Pakistani Taliban were able to deny any connection. A “not us” statement emerged from their leaders. It turns out the bombers were from a Baluch separatist group that wanted to make a statement. Exactly, what is the statement remains unknown to me –or anyone else.

My question: will religious leaders emerge and go among their people insisting upon respect for fellow Muslims?