Another Day In Syria, Some More Dead

It was just another day in the saga that is known as the war in Syria. Frankly, at this point, although we know that Bashar al-Assad runs the government of Syria it is rather unclear as to who constitutes his opposition. There are secular groups which, most probably, were the ones who initiated what has become a long drawn out civil war. There are now a host of Islamic militant groups of armies or whatever whose task in life is providing young Islamic youth an opportunity to get killed while in the process. There are days when they blast away at the forces of President Assad, there are days when they blast away at those who are firing at the forces of President Assad, and there are days when they even blast away at those in their organizations.

People are trapped in the city of Homs. The United Nations and Red Crescent vehicles have been attempting to get supplies into areas where people are in desperate need of food and water. So what, this is simply another opportunity for government forces to blast away. They fired on Red Crescent trucks.

My question: why have not religious leaders boarded these trucks and offered their bodies to protect innocent people? Then again, knowing these Islamic warriors, they probably would blast away at their own religious leaders!