Another Day, More Disasters In Schools

Despite the gridlock in our government, there is one topic which brings both parties together whether conservative or liberal — our dysfunctional schools. Regardless if a congressmen is “liberal” or “conservative” when it comes to the issue of guns, they both agree, each and every American has a God given right to bring his gun wherever he desires and that includes schools. Imagine sending my child to school without a weapon, how will he defend himself when a gunmen enters the school? In Rosewell, New Mexico at a middle school, some child pulled out his gun(remember, the Second Amendment gives him that right) and blasted away wounding four children. If only those children had guns they could have defending themselves and we would have had a shootout at school.

There will be editorials which explain that guns are not the problem, it is all caused by parents who do not do proper parenting. A commission will be formed, they will study the shooting and conclude some nonsense about not allowing kids to bring their guns to school. The NRA will volunteer to send men with guns to any school and they will be prepared to shoot it out with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the school. A judge, in some court, will decry attempts by “communists” to take away the gun rights of children.

We propose that at birth, each baby be given his or her own gun to play with in the crib. It would help to place bullets into the guns so if mom does not feed the child on time, there could be a shootout at the crib between mom and the baby.

“Hey teach, did you really give me a ‘D’ grade?”