Another Death In Mexico

During the past four years at least 20,000 innocent people have been killed as the war intensifies between the government of Mexico and drug lords. A few days ago, the body of Edelmiro Cavazos was found gagged and bond with a bullet in his hear several miles from his home town. He was mayor of Santiago and had openly spoken out against drug lords. A few days ago, a group of men dressed as members of the police came to his house, dragged him away, shot him and left his body in an open field. Six Mexican police have been arrested for participating in this kidnap-murder. They were paid off by drug lords. Mexico is confronted by the horror of drug lords using their vast money to bribe one and all in government in order to avoid arrest or to kill their enemies. Most probably, if current laws remain in America concerning drug use, another 20,000 or 40,000 Mexicans will die for the crimes of America.

It is time to end our current drug laws which make it a criminal act to use drugs. Of course, if the doctor gives you a prescription for Prozac to make you feel happier, that is perfectly legal. The solution is clear– legalize drugs, provide low cost drugs on provision the individual enters a program of rehabilitation. Stripe drug lords of their money and innocent Mexicans will live.