Another Drawing, Another Riot

A Christian student in Egypt drew a picture of Mohammed and posted it on Facebook. Of course, no one has the slightest knowledge as to what Mohammed actually looked like, but for most Muslims the act of drawing a picture is insulting and other people should respect the ideas of their religion. A mob set fire to the shop of the boy and they also tried to storm his house. Fortunately, the army finally got its act together and protected the rights of Coptic Christians.

As far as we know, no mobs from Egypt have stormed any Syrian government buildings even though that government has killed 5,000 fellow Muslims. No group of imams have organized a march into Syria to protect fellow Muslims. But, let someone draw a picture and anger emerges. I guess killing 5,000 Muslims is a minor issue compared to drawing a picture.

My question is: if non-Muslims should respect religious ideas of Muslims, does this mean Muslims will respect the religious ideas of Jews and Christians? How about kosher meals this week?