Another General For Egypt

The Egyptian Army Council shocked the people of Egypt by announcing they not only had promoted General Sisi to the rank kof Field Marshall but urged him to take the next step and become marshal of the land. He was granted permission to run for president and the general or Marshall or whatever title he now has responded with joy to being permitted to head the land. I am rather impressed by this military leader whose chest is loaded with medals and medials and he is hailed as a great military leader who is now ready to become a great general like former president Mubarak. As far as I know, the last time Egyptian generals actually fought in a battle in which the other guys had guns and tanks and planes was in 1973, that was forty years ago and obviously, “MARSHAL SISI” was rather too young to be in battle in which people fired back. It is akin to American males who proclaim themselves to be tough and willing to take on any robber who pulls a gun on them.

I would so love to be in an Army which makes you the top general even though you have never fired a gun in anger against anyone, friend or foe. And, think of all those medals!