Another Human Rights Leader Killed In Russia

Individuals who assume roles in fighting for human rights within Russia have an unfortunate tendency to attract the attention of individuals who kill strangers. One of Russia’s top human rights lawyers was murdered in the center of Moscow most probably due to his defense of those opposing the Russian puppet government of Chechya. Stanlislav Makelov was shot in broad daylight on a busy street by a man who used a silencer . Markelov worked as a lawyer for the Novaya Gazeta newspaper whose famous correspondent, Anna Politkovskaya was also murdered during the day. An intern, Anasatasia Barburova, witnessed the shooting and when she tried following the man, he shot her in the head.

Putin is most probably not personally responsible for these killings, he is much too smart to get that close to anything so brutal. After all, he once worked for the KGB. His hand may not be on a murder weapon, but his words and disregard for the rights of those who oppose him sends a message to anyone out to murder those defending human rights. After all, Colonel Yuri Budanov who murdered a woman was convicted of murder in 2003 and released this week. In Putin Russia, murder is not a serious crime if you kill the right people.