Another Indian Horror

Even as you read these words, another woman in India is being raped and, most probably, the rapist or rapists will never see the inside of a jail, let alone a court of law. Two teenage sisters were raped and then killed by a band of men, including at least two policemen. Their bodies were left hanging from a mango tree. Hundreds of villagers now sit beneath the tree while two bodies swing in the air. They are members of the Dalit community–Untouchables in our language– whose rights remain less than equal to those of the remainder of Indians. It is more akin to the American South when KKK could hang in public “uppity coloreds” who really did not know their subservient place in society. Every twenty two minutes another Indian girl gets raped.

After all, this is the nation in which Mulayan Singh Yadov, a prominent member of a leading party laughed as he spoke about rape. “Boys will be boys. They make mistakes.” Yes, the nation of India is a democracy, but it is time to extend democratic principles which protect the dignity of Indian women.