Another John Boehner –NO!

The ongoing mantra uttered on Fox News and by every conservative pundit is refusal  by President Obama to cooperate with Republican leadership. He is portrayed as a man with scant ability to reach out and compromise with those of the opposing party. OK, two years ago he gave them whatever they wanted, including maintaining the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and, in exchange he received continued unemployment pay for those desperately needing it. The president had to stand firm to get some reduction in  taxes for the wealthy.   So, what happens when President Obama offers a nice present to House Speaker, John Boehner?

The president asked Boehner to accompany Vice President Joe Biden to Rome to meet the new Pope. Mr. Boehner said, “no”because he was busy! Oh, he had to meet the new Irish ambassador to America. John will not agree to any request from  Obama because to do so makes him a traitor to the Tea Party. It is a hopeless mess in Washington when nut cases in the Tea Party control what transpires in the nation.