Another Love Affair

Americans have a love affair with those who engage in love affairs. We either are enthralled with the  story of a famous person who decides to have some extra love with a woman who is somewhat attractive or we decide that God is furious he cheated on his spouse. Bill Clinton  lied as did John Edwards and we have not forgotten their transgressions. General David Petraeus fooled around while in the military and as head of the CIA which has resulted in the man of the hour becoming the man of the skirt. David Petraeus gave  his first public talk and began with an apology. “I can never fully assuage the pain that I inflicted” to his wife or the Army or the American people.

Actually, most of us are busy with our own lives or with our own love affairs to really give a damn who he decided to sleep with and the story of his love with someone other than his wife. In blunt language, we don’t give a f–k.