Another Normal Day In Iraq

I am old enough to recall the words of our former president who assured one and all that American troops on arrival in Baghdad would be greeted by happy folk who were joyous to witness the arrival of a Christian army in their midst. I am old enough to recall the famous “surge” when the leading general in American history–David Petraeus–vanquished the evil al-Qaeda and brought peace, prosperity and an end to violence in Baghdad. Republicans have insisted for nearly a decade that the “surge” ended violence in Iraq. Another day in Baghdad, another day of death and destruction, and another day that al-Qaeda offered evidence they still are a poweful force in the sad nation of Iraq. Shia Muslims were hit by bombs and at least 58 are dead along with hundreds who are wounded. Thousands have died since April and each day the total rises–in Baghdad which was cleared of terrorists by the great General David Petraeus.

This violence most frequently occurs near a mosque as people are leaving the house of worship. Such is the world of Baghdad, the city to which peace was brought by General David Petraeus.