Another Obama Fiasco

I,like millions expected the victory of Barack Obama as president would usher in a new era of honesty, competence and hope for the American people. Yes, we wanted a national health plan, yes we wanted national security including an end to wars overseas and replacement of violence with new approaches to regional security. Instead, we have one example of incompetence after another. It would have been rather painless to shift the Medicare age to age 50,then a few years later to 40 and so on without this endless squabble by right wing nuts. Yes, the American people would welcome a national health plan, but if one is passed, THEN THE PRESIDENT HAS TO EXPLAIN IT!! The Obama public relations performance has become the most inept in the history of America. Instead of studying Ronald Reagan, this man should have studied Franklin Roosevelt who pushed through Social Security against the same opposition as Obama confronts.

Americans would never quickly embrace a plan that goes 2,000 pages. Simplicity is the best means of selling a product. Simplicity for Barack Obama is another lecture to the ignorant masses. READ THE SPEECHES OF FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT!!