Another Obama Mistake

I voted for Barack Obama as still believe he was the more qualified candidate than his opponents in 2008 and 2012. However, his inept handling of the presidency leaves me confounded with bewilderment how such an intelligent individual could be so lacking in leadership skills. He assumed office with a clear mandate to clean up the mess left by George Bush and the dynamic duo of Cheney and Rumsfeld who lied, distorted and twisted reality in order to provide support for the decisions in Iraq, the decision for torture, the decision to lack any plan for Afghanistan, and certainly their decisions to allow the CIA to go rogue in handling any and all responsibilities given this organization. Once Edward Snowden had come clean with the lies, the distortions, the spying on our friends and allies, there was but one decision that any competent president would have made–CLEAN UP THE CIA MESS!

So, what did Obama do? Hell, he gave additional authority to the CIA to spy on German, on Brazilian, on French leaders who, supposedly were our ALLIES! Now, an idea is taking root in Germany and other European nations, and even in Russia, that the Internet can not be trusted and must be shook loose from American control. The only beneficiaries in this process will be dictators who can now proclaim they are protecting their nation from “foreign spies.”

For God’s sake, Obama, fire the entire CIA leadership and move the Internet to the control of the United Nations!