If you thought the fiasco which led to the death of America’s ambassador to Libya at Benghazi, just wait until you read this report. Once again, failure of the Obama administration to protect those sent into dangerous situations has led to the capture of an important American fighting man. There was a fire fight in Afghanistan and either President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry ordered our troops to flee the battlefield and leave a comrade all alone to be captured. Hillary Clinton had Benghazi and now John Kerry will be questioned as to why US forces abandon Americans so they can be brutalized and killed by the enemy. This is Benghazi five times more powerful.

The Taliban has released pictures of the captive. It is a Belgian Malinois dog who holds the rank of colonel in the United States army. The dog looks confused, who wouldn’t look a bit confused if left to be captured by the Taliban? Dancing around the dog are well armed members of the Taliban who are shouting: “Allah gave victory to the mujadhideen.” They also shout hate toward American spies!

My questions:

Why did John Kerry allow this capture?
What was President Obama doing when this dog was captured? On another political trip to get money?
Where was Hillary Clinton during this capture? Why didn’t she provide more troops in Afghanistan to prevent capture of our dogs?
When will Congressional investigating committees get going on this serious matter of American pride??