Another Plot?

Nicolas Maduro is president of Venezuela. He got elected after his guardian in life, Hugo Chavez died. Naturally, there are rumors that Jewish doctors somehow got into the hospital and poisoned the great Chavez. Maduro engaged in an election that wound up in a rather narrow election outcome. There is no doubt that his opponents secretly changed vote counts in order to attempt denying him the right to become president. Since then scarcely a week goes by without some new plot against his his life by CIA, Mossad and other such entities. Recently, the Cuban government loaned him a plane that was supposed to take him to the UN meeting. Maduro is very concerned. He is convinced that going to New York City, landing at the airort, will result in being arrested by the US government for traveling in a plane that was owned by the Cuban government.

My question: if the Chavez government, and the Maduro government did such a great job of governing, how come they do not have a single plane for the president?

Maduro words to the nation: “I have to fulfill my maximum objective, to preserve my physical integrity,my life, and Venezueland honor.” God bless you.