Another Shooting At Middle Class College

Conservatives so enjoy describing urban poor areas of America as centers of school violence. Of course, just about every school shooting during the past 100 years in America has occurred in a suburban educational institution. Once again this concept was proved. A nursing student at a Christian college in Oakland, California took out a gun in class and proceeded to kill at least seven fellow students and wound others. He is still at large.

Oikos University in Oakland is a Christian college which mainly caters to people of Korean heritage. Pastor Jong Kim was in his office when he heard gun shots in the distance. Although founder of the college  he decided to remain in his office and not investigate who was shooting off a weapon. Now, that is what we term, Leadership.

More youth killed because people have access to guns. I know, the NRA will tell me that people, not guns kill people. A gun in hand certainly makes easier killing people. Let us not forget the NRA fought for the right of students to carry weapons in college classrooms.