Another Suicide Bomber

Another suicide bomber, another American killed in such an attack, and, I assume that Fox News will demand  that President Obama cease “appeasing terrorists” and launch an invasion of Turkey. Of course, the suicide bomber who killed two people at the American Embassy had no connection with the government of Turkey, but what the heck. The US invaded Iraq although Saddam Hussein had no connection with 9/11 bombing, but wha the heck, why not invade someone? The suicide bomber was a member of the DHKP/C, the outlawed Revolutionay People’s Liberation Party/Front. Perhaps, he was upset about Turkey opposing President Assad in Syria, perhaps he was angry at the government of Turkey or just did not like Americans.

The lesson of the Iraq war is that American presidents simply order troops to invade and really don’t  give a damn if they are invading a location from whence came a suicide bomber, the issue is to invade someone or somewhere in order to demonstrate one is “tough.”