Another “Surge” Needed?

Most Americans have forgotten the famous George Bush “surge” that was led by the great General David Petraeus. President Bush was informed by General Shinseki, PRIOR to the invasion of Iraq that more troops were needed, and was forced to resign because he dared to contradict our Supreme authority on Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld who insisted we did not need more troops. So, Bush provided General David Petraeus an additional 25,000 troops and they, according to Bush and Petreaus, informed the American people, that al-Qaeda was defeated and life would be normal. Of course, General Petraeus sort of left out of this narrative a major factor in defeat of al-Qaeda came from Sunni tribal leaders who provided support to American forces. Fast forward nearly a decade and what has happened? Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite, unleashed a campaign against the same Sunni tribal leaders and — al-Qaeda returned!! These Islamic militants are now fighting in the same areas of Iraq that supposedly were cleared of Islamic militants.!

Iraq General Rasheed Fleih(the Iraq version of Petreaeus) assured the people of Iraq that reports of al-Qaeda sort of controlling the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi are sort of accurate. Maliki has arrested and discriminated against Sunni leaders and they, this time, are aiding al-Qaeda. In other words, it was Sunni cooperation that was a key factor in the so called “success” of the “surge.” This was not reported to the American people. Back to square one in Iraq!