Another Teen Kills-Who Needs Gun Controls?

Another use of weapons by a teenager resulted in multiple deaths, but not a single member of our cowardly Congress has the guts to stand up and demand basic controls on the use of guns in American society. A 14 year old boy who was with his grandparents on their home/business in a rural area of South Carolina for some reason used his .22 rifle to kill his father, his grandfather and seriously wounded his 89 year-old grandmother. The boy called 911 to report the killings an waited for police to capture him. He had been playing with his 9 year old nephew shortly before deciding to kill close members of his family. A neighbor, Dee Krind, said: “he had too much freedom with that gun. Fourteen years old, you are not supposed to have no freedom with a gun like that.” There are unconfirmed reports Mr. Krind will be summoned to the nearest NRA headquarters to explain his liberal, communist statements that indicate a belief everyone should not be allowed to use a gun. Sarah Palin intends to address the nation about why commie agents are wandering around South Carolina complaining about use of guns.

Neighbor Jesse Brown said: “he just liked riding his bike and having fun–little boy things. He was a good little kid, he just wanted some attention.” Yes,a good little kid who was allowed to play with a deadly weapon! It is time for Americans to demand GUN CONTROL! What does this mean? It means basic things like children not being allowed access to weapons unless in the company of an adult. It means background checks on those purchasing weapons. It means making illegal assault weapons.

I confess, I am one of those bleeding heart liberals.

P.S. I volunteered to serve in the Army during the Korean War and was a crack shot in basic training.