Another Terrorist Dead. Declare Victory!

Some Americans have a morbid interest in counting up their money, but President Barack Obama prefers counting up the bodies of dead terrorists in order to prove that he can do something right. Each week another “terrorist” is killed just as each week another bungled effort by the president is revealed to the public. A senior leader of the Haqqani network was gunned down outside the outskirts of Islamabad in Pakistan. No one knows who killed the guy who apparently was purchasing some bread. Nasiriddun Haqqani is now dead. Some claim he was killed by the Pakistan ISI at the request of our CIA or one of those other agencies that do something connected with killing terrorists. Or, maybe another terrorist group did him in. Or, maybe a drone killed him and they are blaming it on people killing him to prevent Pakistanis from getting angry at the Americans.

The end result is that a “bad guy” is dead. The assumption is that if we kill sufficient numbers of bad guys the other bad guys will lay down their arms and head for a farm to till. This theory has been our raison d’etre for over a decade. And, there are still bad guys to kill. Albert Einstein once said the definition of “stupidity” is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results over and over.