Another Washington War

We actually went an entire week without some sort of Fox News explosion about the dictatorial government in the White House or the weak strong president who does nothing but simply does whatever he desires. On one hand, Republicans insist that President Obama is assuming powers that no prior leader of this nation ever sought, on the other hand, they insist President Obama refuses to exert leadership in the world. Bowe Bergdahl is simply the latest example of how Republicans will utter words of despair as to the future of this nation. As most Americans, by now, know that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl left his post in Afghanistan and walked off into the darkness which resulted in his capture by the Taliban. Simply put, he is a deserter.

In every war there are deserters. Many desert because the strain of battle overwhelms their ability to continue fighting. Sgt. Bergdahl does not fit into this category. He is not a hero who simply cracked under the pressure of battle. As of this moment, no one really knows why he left his comrades in arms. He has spent five years as a prisoner of the Taliban. President Obama decided the American people could not leave Afghanistan knowing they had left a single soldier behind. According to the president, “we saw an opportunity and we seized it.” In exchange for Bergdahl, five Taliban prisoners will go free.

Republicans and many Americans argue that Taliban soldiers should not be freed because we wanted to get him back home. Obviously, if Bergdahl had been a soldier who was seized in combat, there would not be any dispute about the exchange. Yes, Bergdahl has parents. Yes, he is a soldier. Yes, he volunteered to fight. At this point, moral issues become uncertain. In all honesty, I thought he should have been allowed to remain where he chose to go. But, the other viewpoint can not be ignored.