Anti Abortion Right Believes It Knows Right

Foes of abortion are prepared to fight until death or life in order to ensure any health care legislation does not allow women access to abortion as part of their health insurance plan. Of course, most health insurance policies at present allow women to secure funding for abortion, but under proposed legislation before the US Senate such right to funded abortion will disappear. Ten days ago more than 150 bishops and religious leaders issued a declaration denouncing President Obama’s support for the right of women to secure financial assistance for their abortion. At the core of their strategy is rallying the emotional forces opposing abortion to pressure Congress into barring funds for abortions to be part of any new healthcare legislation.

As one who has mixed feelings regarding abortion, I believe women alone have the right to make the decision about whether or not to have an abortion. No government or religious body has the right to compel a woman to be forced into any action related to her own body. Reality is that women with money will always be able to secure the necessary funds for an abortion. It is poor women who will be denied the right for an abortion. Isn’t it ironic that so-called religious “leaders” deny for poor women what they know will be granted to middle and upper class women. Isn’t it even more ironic that those who denounce government “telling people what to do about their health” believe government has the right to tell a woman not to have an abortion!