Anti-Bush Tells Turkey What To Do About Terrorism

An apparent double for the real George Bush spoke with President Gul of Turkey and offered some sound advice on dealing with Kurdish terrorism that was the exact opposite of what the real George Bush has done in Iraq and the Middle East. This anti-Bush spoke through an aide who conveyed the thoughts of the other Bush that military action alone can not halt terrorism. “As we deal with terrorists, I think that everybody recognizerd there is not just a military solution to the terrorist issue. You have to provide an altenative so that the terrorists are not as attractive to local populations.” The anti-Bush approach entails political action, social and economic development and working togain the confidence of Kurds living within Turkey.

Unfortunately, President Gul of Turkey was more tuned in to the ideas of the real George Bush who prefers using military weapons than economic, political or social. Gul told reporters., “So how could one speak of a political solution when that act of terrorism emanates externally from another country?” Many observers have urged Gul to extend pardons to all Kurds, including those who have been fighting in order to entice them into the political arena, but he has rejected such solutions. He prefers being the real George Bush of Turkey.