Anti-Christian Violence Spreads In India

The Western media has published countless articles depicting Muslim terrorism and violence but has tended to ignore the growing violence in India against Christians. At least 20 people have died over the past month in the state of Orissa as Hindu mobs attacked churches and homes of Christians who are accused of a variety of crimes ranging from attempting to convert poor Hindus to killing Hindu leaders. Yesterday, a mob of 1,000 surrounded a police station in Orissa’s Kandhamai district demanding the release of 20 Hindu leaders who had been arrested in conjunction with violence toward Christians. Police had to open fire and at least one person was killed in their attempt to storm the prison.

Thousands of Christians have already taken shelter in makeshift government camps in Orissa after Hindu mobs torched their homes. Ironically, India has never had any history of such anti-Christian behavior and it most probably has arisen over the past few decades as Hindu nationalism became more prominent in the political scene. In the southern state of Karnataka at least 20 churches have been burnt by Hindu mobs in the past ten days.

The India government has asked for assistance from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party but there is scant evidence it wishes to calm down the mobs. Perhaps, it is time for the world media to pay some attention to Hindu terrorism and violence.

  • Paragt

    In India the Bajrang Dal & VHP are front organisations of right-wing party are carrying out merciless attacks on Christians and destroying Churches. The secular parties of India are demanding a ban on these terrorist outfits. Incidentally, these organisations raise majority of their funds from America and other western nations.

    Surprising is’nt it? Money from US, UK and Canada is used to kill humans and spread religious hatred and bring down Churches.

    The western nations should ban these organisations – Bajrang Dal, RSS & VHP (World Hindu Council) and freeze their funding sources.

  • Paragt

    Orissa tense after church attack
    Hindu mobs have vandalised a church and dozens of houses in the eastern Indian state of Orissa, police say.

    The overnight attacks took place in the Tikabali and Daringbadi areas of Kandhamal district, police said.

    The area has witnessed a fresh bout of violence since Tuesday when police shot dead a protester in the town of Raikia.

    Orissa has seen anti-Christian violence for several weeks. At least 20 people, mostly Christians, were killed after a Hindu religious leader was shot dead.

    Hindus groups have long accused Christian priests of bribing poor tribes and low-caste Hindus to convert to Christianity.

    Christians say lower-caste Hindus convert willingly to escape the Hindu caste system.

    Blocked roads

    About 20 houses were attacked in the Shankarakhol area and at least three churches were burnt in Simanbadi on Wednesday, senior police officer in Kandhamal, Praveen Kumar, told the BBC.

    Police said mobs burnt or damaged at least 40 houses in overnight attacks.

    Most of the houses belonged to Christians, they said.

    Police said the rioters had blocked roads leading to the trouble spots, making movement of security personnel difficult.

    Given the pattern of the violence in the district so far, observers say this suggests that more attacks are being planned by the rioters.

    Some roads which were cleared on Wednesday were blocked again overnight, police said.

    Mr Kumar said efforts were on to clear the roads.

    According to reports, protesting mobs were also chasing away journalists trying to enter the area.

    Srinath Jena, the Kandhamal correspondent of the leading Oriya daily Sambad, said he and some other journalists were threatened and chased away by armed rioters when they tried to visit Raikia on Thursday morning.

    The man police shot dead in Raikia on Tuesday was demonstrating against the arrests of two people for anti-Christian violence.

    Christians accused

    Violence broke out last month after Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati was shot along with four others in an attack in the Kandhamal district.

    A senior Maoist leader claimed responsibility for the killing, but Hindu groups accused Christians.

    Hindu mobs burnt down monasteries, churches and an orphanage.

    There has also been anti-Christian violence in the southern state of Karnataka.

    More than 20 churches and prayer halls have been vandalised by Hindu hard-line groups in the state.

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