Anti-Corruption, Afghan Style

There are people who function under the mistaken view that corruption can be eliminated by getting rid of corrupt officials. Newly “elected” President Hamid Kharzai, operates under a completely different perspective in dealing with corruption in his country. If you fire corrupt officials all it means is they will be replaced by corrupt officials so the solution does not lie in getting rid of incompetents and crooks. As Karzai noted, “these problems can not be solved by changing high-ranking officials.” Of course not, the fact they are “high ranking officials” means they have high-ranking connections and if they are replaced by low-ranking officials,” all that means is corruption will be functioning under supervision of low ranking rather than high ranking corrupt officials.

Please don’t get me wrong. President Karzai pledged that he will do his “best” and how can anyone doubt when an incompetent president is placed in charge of getting rid of incompetent crooks, the end result will be to place in power more competent crooks and corrupt individuals. The last thing on the mind of Karzai is to install in office honest, effective officials. The presence of such people in power would give the Karzai administration a bad name.