Anti-Defamation League Blasts Jews For Justice

I was raised as an East European Jewish Socialist whose goals were creating a just society in which all people had basic human rights including food, clothing and shelter. It never dawned upon us in those days when we fought against religious prejudice against Jews or Catholics or against discrimination against Catholics that we might wind up on the anti-Jewish list of the Anti Defamation League(ADL). To be a Jew in the World War II era, was to oppose all forms of hatred and violence against those who differed from the majority. The Ant-Defamation League just issued its list of the top ten groups who oppose the state of Israel and among those who made the list was the Jewish Voice For Peace. According to Abraham Foxman of the ADL, this group was cited because it was part of those against Israel. I print a statement found on the web site of this notorious anti-Jewish, anti-Israel group: They believe “peace in the Middle East will be achieved through justice and full equality for both Palestinians and Israelis.” Wow, this is definitely a group that threatens the security of all Jews.

Mr. Foxman knows there is a difference between opposing a government and opposing a nation. If we accepted the ADL reasoning then millions of Americans who opposed George Bush and his disastrous policies in Afghanistan and Iraq belong on a list of enemies of the state of the USA.

  • journeyer58

    Fred, treating people like people isn’t in vogue any more. The way to determine if a person can be treated civilly is to determine their heritage and ancestry, if they have the right ancestors then of course they can be treated fairly and equitably.
    If not they are terrorists and worthy of death and their children of starvation and the lack of employment and an education. Thereby killing off a whole generation of people, who would turn into terrorists.
    This kind of thinking will keep the ‘Middle Eastern Conflict’ going for more generations than we care to think of, and more people will die of malnutrition and disease because of the stupidity of the thinking of the Israeli government. I shudder to think how the Palestinian people will consider the Israeli people if they ever win the conflict of border relationships.
    Fred, I am scared that the Israeli government is so shortsighted in their thinking that if they decide to do as they wish, which is exactly what they are doing, then there will be no more Palestinian people, and the Israeli government will not be held accountable for the genocide they have committed in the name of racial and national purity.