Anti-Dutch Protest Falls Flat In Malaysia

The western press continues publishing stories about “mass protests” in Muslim nations by infuriated Muslims who are upset at the film made by Dutchman Geert Wilders. The assumpton of these media pieces is to attempt portraying the entire Muslim world as being concerned about a silly film made by an obscure Dutch right wing politician as representing some important force in the world. The reality is that anti-Dutch protests have been limited in scope and barely attended by anyone in Asia. Malaysian Islamists protested on Friday against the fifteen minute film. The actual count was about fifty people showed up to wave banners and shout words like “Long Live Islam” or “Crush the Netherlands.”

Thefew protestors spoke with reporters about their concerns and anger nd some wanted a fatwa issued to kill Wilders. Some religious organizations have called for a boycott of Dutch products and the Mallaysian Foreign Minister noted the insensitity of the film. Reality was no mass protest ever occurred. It is much ado about nothing.