Anti-Foreign Mobs Rampage In South Africa

Angry mobs swept through the streets in Gauteng in South Africa to protest the presence of foreigners in their land. Scores of Tentisa residents went on a rampage in the early hours of Saturday morning and destroyd property belonging to foreign nationals. Captain Manyadza Ralidhivha, deployed reinforcements of police officers in an attempt to protect defenceless foreigners. He reported at least fifteen attacks were carried out and that foreign residents were seeking shelter and protection at police headquarters.

Captain Louise Reed said “the residents are starting fires in the street and lighting up the garbage that has not been collected.” There are many reports of foreigners fleeing the area in order to escapte being attacked.

Meanwhile, in Johannesburg, a demonstration was held by socialists to urge workers to shift their anger away from fellow foreign workers and direct it at the capitalists who benefit from the use of low wage foreign help. It urged workers of all backgrounds to unite rather than allow themselves to be torn apart in hatred that will only benefit big business.