Anti-Gay Fever Sweeps Africa!

The United States of America and former European colonial powers have committed terrible acts in the past, but according to some African leaders their evil lives on today in the form of policies which encourage men and women to become homosexuals. David Bahati, member of the Uganda parliament, has introduced a bill that could result in the death penalty for anyone who is gay. “Learned behavior,” according to the Uganda legislator, can be unlearned. You can’t tell me that people are born gay. It is foreign influence at work.” Bahati claims that gays prey on the young and this must be halted. “The whole intention is to prevent the recruitment of under-age children.” Hogwash. First of all, Mr. Bahati met with American anti-gay religious leaders and elicited their support for his bill. So much for the claim that “foreign influence” is behind the presence of gays and lesbians. Secondly, Rick Warren, famous American anti-gay religious leader, just released a new video aimed at African leaders to urge their support for anti-gay legislation.

Unfortunately, most African nations have laws against gays and lesbians. Nigeria has a bill similar to the one proposed in Uganda, Burundi criminalized homosexual behavior earlier this year and over thirty African nations have anti-gay laws on the book. There is something sad about people who have endured persecution and been colonized who now seek to colonize the minds of Africans in the pursuit of sexual purity.