Anti-Gun Crime Program In UK Shot Down

One of Great Britain’s most successful anti-gun crime projects is in danger of closure because the Home Office has refused to continue its funding. The “Don’t Trigger” project has been acclaimed by the police and community leaders, but when it requested additional funding to deal with the rising crime involving use of knives it was turned down. Labor deputy leader Harriet Harman whose south London constituency has been a major focus of the project was shocked and wanted answers. There are reports refusing aid to the project provoked a bitter argument in the British Cabinet.

The Home Office admitted the project had been successful but insisted public money could best be used elsewhere. The group was planning a new film termed, “Twelve Angry Teenagers” which dealt with reasons young people carry knives.

Don’t Trigger is a grass roots program which involves people at the local level. Such endeavors invariably frighten those in authority because the message being sent is that ordinary people can do a better job than established institutions. That, is a dangerous message.