Anti Immigration Riots In Italy

Italy has been beset by rising anger against immigrants who are blamed for virtually all crimes and problems in the country. The stabbing death of an Egyptian youth in Milan sparked new riots when the death was blamed on immigrant Peruvian and Ecuadorian youth groups. The stabbing occurred when immigrants got into a dispute on a bus which led to a rampage through the streets in which cars were wrecked and shops attacked. The riot took place in a northeastern section of Milan which now houses many immigrants from South America. MIlan’s deputy mayor referred to the section as a “Far West between north African and South American gangs.” Observers note the presence of extensive racial hatred.

Interior Minister Roberto Maroni emphasized the importance of not allowing ghettoes to emerge which only create greater segregation and hatred. Opposition leaders blame the Berlusconi government for shouting and screaming against immigrants but never present a plan of action on dealing with the issue. Last June, Berlusconi on a trip to Milan complained about the number of non-Italians and said, “we must intervene to turn these people away.”
Away where and how?

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    The riots were a long time coming and signified a long felt feeling of unrest across many workers, who are under paid and under appreciated.

    Without the immigrants workers who would pick your oranges or grapes?