Anti Japanese Riots In China

Thousands of people in China were in the streets of their cities marching and yelling about their hatred toward Japan. The spark for these demonstrations was seizure by Japanese patrol boats of a Chinese fishing ship that was in waters claimed by Japan. A war of the seas is now raging between China and Japan over which nation will control waters around tiny islands found off the coast of both nations. Ah, why are they arguing? As always, the reason has to do with money-or should we say, OIL! Who will control the oil is all too often the rationale for war and violence.

However, there are other reasons for Chinese anger toward Japan. Their country was invaded by Japan in the 1930s and held for nearly ten years. During that time period, the Japanese killed millions of Chinese people and thousands of women were raped or forced to work as prostitutes serving the needs of Japanese soldiers. Unlike Germany, which has acknowledged its brutal behavior during WWII, Japan refuses to assume any responsibility for what its troops did during the war. In fact, its school textbooks present a portrait of Japan as the “victim” during the war. Japan might send its educators to Germany in order to learn how to confront evil.