Anti Malaysian Outbreaks In Indonesia

In the never ending tale of human hate and violence toward those who differ in some minor manner, there have been outbreaks of violence against Malaysians who currently live in Indonesia. The conflict arose because Indonesia and Malaysia became involved in a dispute over cultural “theft” which led ultra nationalists to raise the cry of let’s get those darn Malaysians who dare to live in our nation. The Relawan Ganyang Malaysia halted motorists and pedestrians in order to find any who might be of Malaysian background.

Why is it we humans are so readily prone to seek evil in someone who is not of our own background? Hatred is more readily aroused than love. Could you imagine Indonesians halting people out for a walk, discovering they were of Malaysian background and giving them a hug? Of course not, we are HUMANS– off with their heads!

  • Pak Shokor Jawa Malaysia

    strange but so true. one more thing we have to note and change: we always take for granted and labelled bad people as “animals”, or, behaving like animals. puhleezzeee, dont insult the anima kingdom. human can do far worst things, than any animals can. sad but true. in this modern days, withscience and technology, rockets and green energy and all, when you really look around you, we are no different from the people before us, 10,000 years ago, 1000 years ago, 100 years ago. the violence, the greed, the intolerance, the complex – the same, if not worst. dont talk about green peace, dont talk about human rights. each of those groups have their own definitions, who is human, who is not….

  • leeKY

    thanks to mossad game based in singapore. enough to destroy two muslim countries, self destruct mode. indonesia will never be able to invade malaysia. both countries cannot win over the other. however, the war between the two will be enough to break both down to its knees, and to start from scratch again